Looking 4 Galt

by admin on March 2, 2013

The people from Gasface (FR) just finished their (web-)documentary “Looking4Galt”. The documentary is on the bottom of this post.
First here is a mix by Swiss DJ Green Giant, made during the process of making the documentary.
Click on it and I’ll continue while you’re listening to it.
Galt MacDermot (born December 18, 1928) is a Canadian composer, pianist and writer of musical theatre.
He won a Grammy Award for the song “African Waltz” in 1960.
His most popular work is the musical Hair. It has been translated in every language and staged all over the world.
Some songs from Hair are: “Aquarius”, “I Got Life”, “Where Do I Go” and ofcourse “Hair”.
Galt composed music for more than 10 other musicals and movie-soundtracks.

The jazz-funk that he crafted with jazz musicians such as Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Lewis and Idris Muhammad prefigured the funk material of James Brown.

In recent decades, his work has become popular with hip-hop musicians including Busta Rhymes, who sampled “Space” from MacDermot’s 1969 record Woman Is Sweeter for chart-topper “Woo hah!!”, and Run DMC, who sampled the Hair song “Where Do I Go?” for their Grammy Award-winning “Down with the King”.
Handsome Boy Modelling School, DJ Vadim, DJ Premier and Oh No have all sampled the same segment from “Coffee Cold”, from Shapes of Rhythm (1966). As part of his Special Herbs series, rapper MF Doom sampled three MacDermot songs from Woman Is Sweeter: “Cathedral” for his song “Pennyroyal”, “Space” for “Cinqfoil”, and “Princess Gika” for “Hyssop”.
In 2006, rapper Oh No released an album produced completely with MacDermot samples, entitled Exodus into Unheard Rhythms.
J Dilla used Macdermot’s “Golden Apples (Part II)” from The Nucleus (1971) for “Mash” on his Donuts (2006) record.

Galt Macdermot (84) nowadays lives an intensely private life somewhere in New York.
He never gave any interview and seem to ignore the cult going on about him.
Nicolas Venancio and Mathieu Rochet from Gassface went out to look for him.
They called their mission “Looking4Galt” and the documentary released end of January 2013.
Looking4Galt reminds of the documentary and Acadamy Award winner “Searching for Sugar Man“, telling more about people’s perceptions and feelings about Macdermot/ Rodriguez than that it’s really about Macdermot/Rodriguez.
It’s an entertaining 53 minutes long roaddocumentary searching for the king, Galt Macdermot. Click and watch! 

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